Finding The Light Within A Dark Tunnel

Stories of Hope for Mental Health wellness through the COVID-19 pandemic

by Elizabeth Kasujja

Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.

— Albert Schweitzer

Photo by Javier García on Unsplash

The world is on its knees right now. The main thing that isolates us is time, but the pandemic is coming to us all. We can feel it. We sense it in the mixed messages sent out by our leaders, we stuff up on it via our social media feeds, we see it on the news, and we feel the fear and anxiety hanging over the planet like a heavy cloud.

Like many people around us, the team at Clear Yo Mind has been overwhelmed by the intuition of self-protection. We are struggling to keep up with the escalated requests for mental health support. We can’t make sense of the lockdown that has rendered most mental health professionals unavailable to provide much-needed psychosocial support.

On an individual level, I am attempting to make sense of how to best take care of myself and those in my care. I am nervous and need support, myself. I know it is normal, these sentiments generally increase during times of dread and nervousness.

Although that may be the case, my team and I also feel that it is our responsibility to bring you stories of hope. Right now, the world is teaming up against a common enemy — COVID19. Most people are doing all they can to stay safe. Other heroes (cue doctors) are out there on the frontlines battling for our survival.

We will be fine. Eventually. However, we will be fine on the grounds that there are such a significant number of individuals who will pick humankind over self-centeredness. There will consistently be individuals who improve things, and better, until at long last things aren’t awful any longer.

We will be led by our human services experts over the coming weeks. They will be our saints. Also, they will require all our adoration and appreciation. For every other person, the most ideal approach to spare lives right currently is social distancing.

Stories of Hope

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

– Maya Angelou

We want to hear your stories — shared from the comfort of wherever you are.

Stories of survival. Stories of inspiration. Stories of fear. Stories of how you are coping. Stories of how you are struggling with productivity. Stories of hope. Name it all. We want to hear the stories of whatever you want to share.

We want to answer your questions and calm your fears.
We want to send you reminders and tips on how to do mental health checks.

We want to share your story of hope with the world, so that someone somewhere, in isolation behind their screen, may read your story and stay positive.

Someone might read something that will save their life. Someone will feel less alone for having read your story. No story is too insignificant to tell.

We have to create our own light

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. — Carl Jung

Maybe something inspiring has happened in your life. Perhaps you defeated something that appeared to be unimaginable. Possibly someone transformed you, and you need the world to think about them. Send me a short depiction of the story, and a member of the Clear Yo Mind team or I will follow up with you and share your story of hope with the world.

So, regardless of where you are, the world over, in the event that you have a story of hope to share, please fill in this form or send us an email on or to me on

We would be pleased to receive the experiences in any format, email, word document, pdf or recorded audio message — whatever is most convenient for you.

Take care of yourself. Wash and sanitize your hands, socially distance yourself, wear your face mask, don’t touch your face, and hydrate.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sending you love and light,
Elizabeth, and the whole team at Clear Yo Mind

You may also share your story or the details of someone you think we should reach out to in the comments section below.

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